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Shaken baby syndrome

Shaken baby syndrome

By germana

Shaken Baby Syndrome, also called Shaken Impact Syndrome, is a severe form of child abuse. It usually happens when a parent or caregiver shakes a baby out of anger or frustration, often because the baby won’t stop crying.

The muscles in a baby’s neck are fragile and can’t fully support their heads, which are prominent for their bodies. The shaking stops when the baby’s head hits something, and these forces get more muscular.

What happens when a baby is shaken?

The Shaken Baby Syndrome is a type of brain injury that happens when a baby or toddler is violently shaken. This can cause their brain to swell, bruise, and bleed inside and around them. The shaken baby syndrome may also hurt a child’s eyes, neck, and spine. Abuse of the head is another name for the condition.

Babies heads are much bigger and heavier than the rest of their bodies. When a child is shaken, their brain moves back and forth against the sides of their skull. Shaking can cause bleeding in the brain or behind the eyes.

Shaking baby syndrome usually happens when a parent or other caretaker gets upset or angry because a baby is crying. It can happen after only 5 seconds of shaking. The injuries that happen can cause damage to the brain, permanent disabilities, and even death.

Why does shaken baby syndrome happen?

If a baby has been crying for a long time, a parent or caretaker may shake it. They might think that if they shake the baby, it will stop crying. Some parents or people who care for kids may be stressed for various reasons. They might get angry and feel like they can’t handle the responsibilities of caring for a child. Others who care for babies may not know how dangerous it is to shake them.

Babies usually cry when they are upset. There may be times when your baby can’t stop crying. It is never okay to shake, hit, or throw a baby.

Who is hurt by shaken baby syndrome?

Anyone can get Shaken Baby Syndrome. People most likely to shake a baby are either a parent or someone who knows the baby through a parent (babysitter, secondary family members). Shaken baby syndrome can happen in any family, regardless of race or money.

Most of the time, babies younger than one-year-old get shaken baby syndrome. Most at risk are babies between 2 and 8 months old. Most of the time, the condition doesn’t happen to kids over the age of 2, but kids as old as six have been abused this way.


The Shaken Baby Syndrome can be stopped in every way. Caring for a baby can be challenging, especially for people doing it for the first time. But it’s important to remember that shaking, throwing, or hitting a baby is never okay.