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How much will my baby grow in the first year?

How much will my baby grow in the first year?

By germana

In the first two to three weeks of life, your baby should eat every two to three hours. Estimate 15–20 minutes for the first side and 20–30 minutes, or sometimes even longer, for the second. Nursing mothers should pay more attention to how much time they spend nursing than how much milk they make. In the early stages, building tolerance is the first step.

How much will my baby grow?

After a baby’s first birthday, they start to grow less quickly. Now that the baby is a toddler, they are very active. Even though every child grows at a different rate, here are the averages for boys and girls who are one year old:

Weight: The average monthly weight gain is about 8 ounces, and by the end of the first year, the baby’s birth weight has tripled.

Height: About 1/4 to 1/2 inch per month on average.


Parents who bottle-feed their babies should give them about one ounce more formula than their age in months. For example, a 1-month-old should get about 2 ounces every three hours. A 2-month-old should get about 3 ounces, and so on.

Whether your child is getting enough nutrition from formula or breastmilk, the best way to tell is by keeping an eye on their growth. Also, if your child’s bodily functions happen more than once a day, that’s a good sign that your baby is well-hydrated and getting the right amount of milk or formula.

Rate of growth

From birth to six months, a baby’s weight will usually double. From birth to one year, their weight will triple.

In most cases, the regular doctor visits where a baby is weighed will be enough to track their growth and weight gain. Parents don’t have to weigh their baby every day because the baby’s weight will change daily. Gaining weight is a slow process. Some days, your child might not gain any weight, but two days later, they might have gained a lot.

As your child gets bigger, they will also get taller. Babies grow about an inch each month for the first six months. Then, from 6 months to 1 year, you can expect half an inch per month. Again, the growth chart from your child’s doctor will help you see how your child is doing.

Your baby is probably growing well if they are happy, alert, and sleeping well. Talk to your child’s doctor if you think something might be wrong.