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How many types of breast pumps are there

How many types of breast pumps are there

By germana

You need a breast pump when you need to be away from your baby but still want to feed them your milk. They can also be accommodating if your milk supply goes down, you get full, or your duct gets clogged.

Different kinds of breast pumps

There are a lot of breast pump companies out there, and most of them sell more than one type of pump with different features. In general, a company might sell four main types of breast pumps: manual pumps, pumps that run on batteries, electric pumps, and hospital-grade pumps.

Manual Pumps

Manual pumps, also called hand pumps, work by squeezing a handle or horn with your hand. When you squeeze, the seal puts pressure on the milk, which is how milk is taken out. Many parents like manual breast pump because they are easy to use and don’t need batteries or electricity to work. 1 Also, they are not too expensive.

Pumps that run on batteries

Pumps that are powered by batteries have a small motor that is powered by batteries. Most of the time, these pumps are smaller and lighter than electric pumps. But they usually aren’t as strong as electric pumps and don’t have as many options for suction strength and other things as electric pumps do.

Electric Pumps

Electric pumps are usually the best choice for working parents and other people who need to pump often for their babies. The Affordable Care Act says that insurance companies must cover breast pumps, most of which will cover an essential electric pump.

Hospital-Grade Pumps

Sometimes it might make sense to use what is called a hospital-grade pump. These are the most powerful pumps on the market, and they are given to breastfeeding moms and dads in the hospital who are having trouble getting their milk in or pumping for babies who are sick to breastfeed.

Can Breast Pumps Be Shared?

Hospital-grade breast pumps are the only ones used by more than one person. This is because they have a closed system that keeps milk from getting into the motor and causing bacteria to grow. If you use a hospital-grade pump, you will need to get your pumping tubes and flanges that are new and clean.

A Word From Verywell

During the time they are breastfeeding, each parent will have different needs when it comes to pumping. You’ll want to find a pump that meets these needs, fits your budget and is easy to use.