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How Many Nerf Guns Are There

How Many Nerf Guns Are There

By germana

It’s not easy to choose the best Nerf gun. There are currently eighteen series and hundreds of models of Nerf blasters to choose from. To make things easier for people who are just starting with Nerf, the company has added more product lines for different age groups, and the performance of each series is very different.

If you’re buying a Nerf gun to fight with your friends, you’ll want to ensure you get one that works at least as well as the ones your friends or family will be using.

N-Strike Elite (Beginners)

We’ll start with the N-Strike Elite range. Elite blasters came out in 2012 and are the follow-up to the original N-Strike series. This makes them some of the oldest blasters that are still being sold. The most important thing about N-Strike Elite guns is that they can shoot up to 75 feet away. The performance was improved by adding a “direct plunger” firing system, which gives the dart more power. But enough about the technical stuff—get to the fun stuff!

The Rival Series has Nerf guns.

This set of high-performance blasters is for Nerfers 14 years old and older. The Rival Series is more like airsoft and paintball in how it works than other Nerf products. Instead of darts, the blaster’s fire Rival Rounds are foam balls. Most Rival blasters have stronger springs and internal mechanisms that let them shoot about 100 feet per second, which is faster than most standard Nerf Guns, which shoot about 70 feet per second.

The first Nerf guns

“Traditional Nerf guns” are a broad term for a lot of different types of blasters. Traditional Nerf guns are loved by Nerfers of all ages and are very popular among collectors. Most people think of the traditional Nerf dart when they think of these blasters. Each series is very different in how it works, looks, and what kind of ammunition it uses. Check out the guide at the bottom of the page for a more in-depth look at how each series is different.

MEGA Blasters

The N-Strike Elites are a part of the NERF MEGA series. MEGA blasters, which came out in 2013, are like Elites on steroids. The range is 100 feet long and uses unique MEGA darts thicker than regular Elite ammunition. If getting hit by a fast dart wasn’t bad enough, now they’ll hear it coming.