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Can flat feet be corrected for kids

Can flat feet be corrected for kids

By germana

The arch in a baby’s foot usually forms between the ages of 3 and 6. This happens as the baby’s flat feet slowly disappear, and their balance improves as they learn how to move. But in some children, the arch doesn’t come out. This could be caused by tight calf muscles, loose ligaments in the foot and ankle, or a lack of stability in other body parts, like the knees and hips.

If your child’s foot muscles are weak, you can allow them to walk on different surfaces, like sand, grass, water, and up and down slopes. We may suggest stretches to loosen up muscles that are too tight. If you do these stretches regularly at home, they will help your child’s therapy.

Children with flexible flat feet don’t need to be treated.

Shoes should feel good and fit right. Exercises or shoe inserts called “arch supports” won’t help you get an arch.

Talk to the doctor of your child if:

  • Your child is in pain
  • I can’t do much
  • and only has a problem with one foot.

If your child’s condition is causing symptoms and needs treatment, many options don’t involve surgery.

Medication: Over-the-counter pain relievers may be given to your child if they are in pain or has inflammation.

Change the amount of activity: Your child may need to stop doing things that hurt their feet for a while. Your child might also need to avoid standing or walking for too long.

Orthotics: Putting a custom orthotic in your child’s shoe can help support the structure and improve how the foot works.

Therapy for the body: Your child’s podiatrist may have them do special stretching exercises, mainly if problems with the Achilles tendon cause it.

The right shoes: The doctor should tell you what shoes your child with flat feet should wear.

Parents may choose to diagnose and treat their child’s flat feet because the condition is so familiar and easy to see. Sadly, this usually means the parent is doing more harm than good. This is especially true of shoe inserts you can buy at a store. It would help if you never bought these, and we can’t say enough. Not only won’t they help your child develop an arch, but if they aren’t used right, they could cause more problems.