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All about anti-abandonment devices

All about anti-abandonment devices

By germana

Not only must the driver’s safety be ensured, but so must that of everyone else in the car, especially defenseless people like children. In addition to all the risks of car accidents, many more people leave their cars on the side of the road. To stop this, some companies are making more and more technological products. Many parents get one of the many anti-abandonment devices this article is about because it makes sense.

So, below, we’ll talk about the best products on the market, focusing on the ones with the best quality-to-price ratio. This will help parents stressed out by everyday life protect their child in the car.

The best tools to keep people from leaving

Tippy Pad

Tippy Pad is easy to put on car seats and doesn’t give off harmful radiation to protect your baby’s health. It is a piece of hardware that constantly talks to the smartphone via Bluetooth to find out if there is a child in the passenger compartment. It has two levels of alarms. The first level lets you send signals to an adult outside the passenger compartment. The second level lets you send two SMS to two emergency numbers. It is very convenient to check the device’s battery level through a particular app: If the app sees that the battery is running low, it will send a message to the parent telling them they need to replace the product.

Thread Tata Pad

Tata Pad is an anti-abandonment device that alerts the driver and passenger when a child is in the passenger compartment. This product can also use Tata Brain to make an emergency call to the numbers given by an adult (a virtual switchboard of the manufacturer that makes calls at no additional cost). Like the Tippy Pad, the TataPad can connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth and tell the phone where the child is and how much battery life is left.

Chicco Bebècare

Let’s continue with this buying guide by discussing the Chicco Bebècare anti-abandonment device. It works with all child seats on the market, including ones from the same brand, without changing how safe they are. To make it fully functional, you must attach it to the seat and connect it to your phone. Setting up the first installation is easy; it only takes a few minutes to set it up the way you want. There are three levels of alarms, and each one sends a message to the child’s smartphone. The highest level sends messages to emergency numbers with the child’s geolocation.

Peg Perego Memo Pad

The memo Pad is made by Peg Perego, one of the largest companies making baby products. Compared to the other products in this guide, the Memo pad is compatible with all car seats and carrycots in the house, including Navetta XL, Navetta Elite, Culla Elite, Culla Primonido, Culla Futura, Primonido, Primonido Elite, Primo Viaggio Tri-Fix, Primo Viaggio SIP, Primo Viaggio SL, Primo Viaggio i-Size, Primo Viaggio i-Plus, and Primo Viaggio Lounge. With the “Memo” app, this device can tell if a child is in the car, making it less likely that the parent will forget the child in the car.